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I got a diary when I was nine. I wrote in it every day, religiously. Some days I had things to say. When I didn’t, I wrote, “Today was just a plain ordinary day.” Over and over I wrote that. For years I have internalized that my life is plain and ordinary and not worth anyone being interested in it or paying attention at all.

So here’s a plain ordinary day: today. First day of my 3-day weekend. If no one else is interested, that’s okay. It’s been a good day for me.

Slow start. Therapist appointment at 10:15. Fifty minutes is never long enough, but I’m so very grateful for the wise, caring woman who is walking with me through these healing times. Then some shopping.

Scored at Penney’s: tank tops for $5 so I got 4 in different colors–brown, green, coral, and teal. Found another sleeveless top marked down from $22 to $10, only they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted, so they ordered it for me. No shipping costs if I pick it up at the store. Then I spotted a red purse/tote that started life at $70, now marked down 80% to $13 something, which put me over the $25 line for today’s deal of $10 back (orders apparently don’t count), so really I got that bag for $3. Penney’s, you made my frugal heart hum.

Next stop: Target. I am coming up on a trip, and I’m sick of fighting with and, all right, embarrassed by my suitcase that has both feet broken off, so that when you’re not wheeling it, you have to either keep holding on to it, or turn it on its side, or it falls over. Thank you, airlines. Target’s luggage shelves were woefully depleted today. I am not paying $100 for something I use twice a year.  And something about the bedbug epidemic we keep reading about turns me completely off buying one used. Sigh.

Then to Staples, because I had a 20% off coupon and I need more daily pages for my Day Timer. Yes, I still use a Day Timer. I don’t keep my calendar and all my directory in my phone. Yet. All I do on my phone is talk and text. Oh, and it’s my alarm clock. Anyway, turns out Staples only has packages of the whole year’s daily pages, dated–for 2012. It’s July 2, people. How many of those are you selling now? So I got a small pack of different layout daily pages from one of Day Timer’s competitors for $7. Also found a $1 thingy to fill with water to wet envelope glue. I will put my name on it — “Walk away from Carol’s desk with this at your own risk!” With the coupon, the two cost me all of $5.65.

I was carrying around a 6-foot long piece of wire shelving in my car, so I stopped at Lowe’s next. I bought the shelf there a couple of weeks ago. I had had them cut it, because it only came in 8- and 4-foot lengths, but when I had tried to put it in my closet, it became clear that it needed to be an inch shorter in order to get in and pushed down in place. So, I hauled it in and asked them to cut off that inch. They very nicely did it, even if I didn’t have the receipt. I had to wonder if the employee who did the cutting was an alcoholic, because of his distended abdomen and his face. But he was helpful. Then I picked up two of those hose-type things that attached to your downspouts and carry rain runoff into the yard..

Two more stops. First Bullard’s Farm Market. Fresh blueberries and a zucchini–perfect! Then around the corner to Video Visions because this seems like a good weekend to rent a movie. Yes, I still go to the video store, or I did, because I wanted to support a local business, but this morning their sign is gone and the store is barren. Such nice people. I hope they’re okay. I guess it’s time to subscribe to Netflix, or at least to find out if my internet connection is fast enough to enjoy downloaded movies. Can’t stand that stuttery garbage.

You may be thinking, “Like fun she wants to support local business. She’s shopping at Penney’s and Target and Staples and Lowes.” I wish I could afford to shop at the one local women’s clothing store I’m aware of, but they’re outta my league. The other places — yeah, I didn’t try real hard to find local alternatives.

Lunch at 2:00 was half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, and crackers with the little bit of Swiss cheese I had left. Checked Facebook, because at the nonprofit where I work we’ve just launched our first attempt at social media fundraising with Causes.  (If you’re interested, check out “Help Feed a Family of Four for a Week.”) Then I finished a post for our agency blog about a local singer who’s planning a benefit concert for us. Yeah, I know, this is work. And there’s more of it to do. It’s a 3-day weekend with work scattered through it. I like my work, and I’m not one to compartmentalize, but still I keep trying to draw better boundaries.

The shelf now fits where it’s supposed to be. It’s up and half full.  Thank you, Lowe’s, for your customer service.

It’s been a good day. And logging it here is a growth step for me. That might not make sense to anyone but me, but that’s okay.


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Saturday morning

It’s Saturday, and here I sit in my jammies. I’ve had breakfast, I’ve had tea and I’m thinking about another cup. I’ve washed last night’s dishes, read the news online. I’ve checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts and done a crossword puzzle. Basically I’ve just been frittering the time away, and I only feel a hint of guilt.

When I was a kid, even on a Saturday mom would have made me get dressed by now. It was shameful to be found in your pajamas by anyone outside the family after about 9:00 a.m.  Since the paper boy came to collect in the morning, it was better not to loll around.

Here’s where this post goes totally retro and I run the danger of revealing my age, but oh well. Saturday mornings would usually find us on the living room floor watching TV. Now that I’ve raised my own children, I understand how freeing it was to Mom when something interested us more than going with her to the  A&P. She knew that if our attention was occupied, we could stay with Grandma, who lived with us, and it would be easier all around.

Here are some shows from my Saturday mornings past. I know they will seem unbelievably quaint.

“Here I come to save the day!” — That would be Mighty Mouse. Note that shameless product sponsorship is nothing new. At least here it was toothpaste and not Twinkies.

Heckle and Jeckle — not my favorite, but still there, so I watched. That’s what you did when there were only three channels and no recorded movies, yet TV was still a completely, captivatingly, new medium.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They saved the town from bad guys in 30 minutes every time.

American West heroes modernized: Sky King and his niece Penny to the rescue not on horseback but in a Cessna — or was it a Piper Cub? Obviously I don’t know my aircraft.  More shameless sponsorship: Nabisco

Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney with a live audience of kids. I’d almost forgotten about this one. Exclusively sponsored by Tootsie  Roll.

Enough of this. Gotta go back to being a grown-up, get dressed, and get to the bank before it closes.

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