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Something got into me on Wednesday and I moved furniture in my office. It’s just got to work better for me and my office mate. Coworkers have of course noticed that something is different. One commented that I need artwork of some kind on the walls. She said, “What about those posters?” indicating the three that someone in our frugal nonprofit put in there because no one else wanted them, three years ago when we first occupied the building. They won’t do, I told her, because “they’re what’s left. I’ve had it with what’s left.”

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you know I love to recycle, upcycle, get creative with what’s left. Still true. It’s one way I express me. But it’s also true that I’ve had it with what’s left. If I can’t remake it, repurpose it, I can’t accept something readymade that fits someone else’s taste. This goes beyond office artwork. I’m so glad I could actually utter those words.

Until I find artwork that expresses me, pleases me, I at least took in one of my philodendrons. Life. Growth. It’s good.


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