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I still miss my mom most of the time. My grandmothers too. My female heritage is strong. Not flashy, not radical, not even feminist. But strong. As in hardy, hearty, use your brain and use your body, can the green beans and peaches, save nickels to buy a hot water heater, come home from work and put on an apron, drill your daughter on state capitals while you iron, read classic kiddy lit to the kiddies at lunch time, trust in God, keep going when life gets hard, because it will and it does and it did.

My dad’s mother lived with us all the time I was growing up. Every Saturday before Mother’s Day, Dad would bring home corsages for Mom and Grandma to wear to church the next day and put them in the refrigerator in their little cellophane bags. Red flowers for Mom because her mother was living. White flowers for Grandma because her mother was not. That tradition has not continued, but today I decided to buy myself a white flower.

I’m a mom and a grandmom myself. I live a thousand miles away from my family, so on Mother’s Day I miss all the people I’m connected to mother-wise. I will get to see them all soon, though, so I focus on that. I ask myself how my children and grandchildren will view me, what legacy they will feel they received, what memories they will have of me when it’s their turn to get the white flowers.

Today, it is for me to live as true to myself and to God as I can, to love my dear ones and others as best I can, to invest myself in living out grace and justice and mercy the best I can, and leave the question of legacy to the future. That’s what Mom and the Grandmothers did. So, onward.

To my kiddos and grandkiddos, to the other younger adults/families who seem to like to hang out with me and treat me like family, to Mom and the Grandmothers — I love you all and I’m thankful for you.


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To my children, who probably aren’t even reading this blog, or to other mothers’ children, or to our culture in general:

Mother’s Day approaches. Here is not what I want. I do not want $80 cologne. Or a $368 handbag. Or a $225 watch. Good grief.

What I want is to hear my children’s voices on Mother’s Day. For the cost of a few minutes of their phone plans they can make my day. That’s it. If they want to also send a card, that would also be sweet, but they don’t have to make it a Hallmark. They are all creative people. I’m not anti-gift. It’s just that the voice thing is at the way top of my list.

I don’t write this because they neglect me. I write it because I just paged through a flyer from Carson’s that came in my mail today, and oh my word. Who needs this stuff? Who buys it at these prices? Ridiculous.

Other moms, what’s the best Mother’s Day gift you ever received?

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