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We had a meeting yesterday at work about how we’ll use space in the future. The five of us in the room knew the meeting was necessary, even wanted it,  but the longer we looked at drawings and talked, the higher our stress levels rose. There were simply too many moving parts in our heads if not on the table, and cost could not be one of them. “Do we still need . . .?” “But what if. . .?” “No, that’s won’t work because. . .”

We finally had to call the meeting, having identified a couple of questions that need answering before we can resolve anything. No one was comfortable, and some of us were downright cranky.

Creativity isn’t just about art, design, and architecture. Life is a creative process. The best solutions to problems are usually creative.  And results of creativity don’t appear on the first try, full-blown, a masterpiece. Whether you’re painting, or writing, or composing, or arranging your office, or fixing a meal, it’s a messy process. Anne Lamott has a whole chapter called “Shitty First Drafts” in Bird by Bird, her book on writing and life. It’s hilarious, and spot-on.

Anne’s one of my favorite authors. So is Malcolm Gladwell. In this short video, he talks about the need to embrace chaos. That sounds scary, but I think he’s right. Controlled chaos, probably. One can’t careen completely out of control and do much good at all.

So, let’s keep creating.

In the midst.


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