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I’ve found two more frugal solutions to pesky problems. Wanna hear?

First, mosquitoes seem to love me. And when they bite, I get these hard half-dollar-sized knots that itch insanely, and sometimes a rash even comes a distance away from the bite. I usually douse myself in mosquito repellent when I’m going to be out, but if I forget or miss a spot, they find me and invite all their friends and relations. No, I don’t have a natural mosquito repellent — yet. But what I can tell you is that basil tea is a great natural itch remedy. I grew my own basil a couple of years ago and still have some dried in my cupboard. I boiled about a half cup of water in the microwave, crunched up some basil leaves into it, and left it to steep for a good ten minutes at least, then strained out the leaves and put it in the fridge to chill. A cotton makeup pad dipped in it and smeared on the mass of bite bumps, and relief comes fast. Besides, I like the way it smells. I’m keeping a jar of it in my refrigerator throughout warm weather from now on.

Second, according to home and office organizer Heidi DeCoux, salt and baking soda will open up a slow drain, if the problem is grease and not hair. I tried it in my kitchen sink, and I’m very impressed at how fast and well it worked. This costs pennies instead of whatever one pays for Drano these days, and is much less toxic.

Now about that mosquito repellent: Any natural suggestions? (Citronella makes my eyes water.)


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