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Ideas that nourish

I don’t blog more often because I can’t decide what this blog is about. It’s like a fish in the boat, flopping around. It has ADD. If I could just accept that it doesn’t have to have one theme — but all the best blogs do. Carol, you don’t have to be a high achiever in this. Just express yourself.

I am driven to share what I read, what I hear. I learn something that makes me think or feel, and I immediately think of someone I know whom I truly believe would love to also read/hear it. Sometimes I think that if just the right people could read what I just read, some piece of how the world works would change in a good way. My friends and the people I work with have learned this about me. One of them says she knows that I don’t send something unless it’s important and so she always reads it. Another says, “Sometimes you read too much.” Impossible. I have learned to mostly not share stuff with my children. Giving reading recommendations to husband, when I had one, or children has never worked for me.

For instance, I just watched a TED talk about hunger and some ways other than relief in which food supplies are being transformed all over the world. My mind starts to buzz. I work for a nonprofit that among other things has one of the largest food pantries in northern Indiana, and could we adapt just one nugget of what Josette Sheeran said in this talk and make a more longterm, more community strengthening, more empowering difference?

I’d love to hear what you think.


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