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I spoke at a breakfast Rotary Club meeting this morning. The club meets at a rec center about 30 miles from my house.

To get there I rose early, put on some confidence clothes — today a sleeveless LBD with a black/gray/white flowy scarfy cocoon thing over it, because it’s July and 90 degrees  was predicted but I’m a teeny bit self-conscious about the crepiness (not to be confused with creepiness) of my upper arms — and gave myself plenty of time to get there because you never know with Denver traffic. This is something I have continued to try to outsmart since moving here 11 months ago, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

The traffic was not bad, the sun was up, it was a glorious summer morning. I found the place with only one missed turn. The rec center was off a main street in a fairly new development on ground that used to be Stapleton Airport before it was replaced by DIA.

Kudos to city planners for the way they have redeveloped that area into mixed use areas of retail, office, residential, and open space. (Except that like everywhere else in Denver, housing costs are through the roof, making it very difficult for lots of people, even if the area includes a few mixed income/affordable housing units.) This center was  on open space. Lovely day, like I said.

I went inside, met people I had only emailed with before, ate some fruit and a scone with my coffee, made some follow-up-worthy connections, and gave my talk. As I left, I passed the area devoted to stair-climber machines and treadmills. They were full.

I thought as I walked out into the fresh bright air, why would people pay membership fees, drive their cars however far, park and go into a building and exercise on these machines, when they could just take a walk down the lovely streets and on the trails set up for walking and running? This is Colorado, where it’s sunny, like, 300 days out of the year. People move here in droves for the gorgeous weather. And it was morning, so it wasn’t too hot yet.

What am I missing?

And then — and then — we have more people than ever being put on mega-doses of vitamin D by their physicians after they are deficient in that essential nutrient. Spending 30 minutes in the sun a day meets our daily requirements, or so I’ve been told. Look it up.

What I saw this morning is not peculiar to Colorado. You can go anywhere in America and observe the same thing. It’s a symptom of something. What would you name it?

As Brian Wilson said, “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.”




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Bring it on

Going up and down stairs made my day today.

Our building is being remodeled while we continue to work in it. First I was moved out of my office into a temporary space so they could knock out a wall and make a classroom. Then Friday I moved upstairs to a second temporary space so they can convert that other space for another use. Eventually I’ll get a new permanent office upstairs, but that’s not the point today.

First, I’m reminded every day of this process, as if my work doesn’t remind me enough, that flexibility is key. In fact, my entire life to this point has taught me that I must remain flexible. I’m not just talking physical here – adapt, and adapt again, and stay true to myself in the process. I can do this.

Second, I welcome going up and down stairs multiple times each day. I’ve been too sedentary for too long. It felt good today.

Yeah, I know going up and down a flight of stairs only burns, like, 9 calories. But I did it probably a dozen times today. It’s a start. It’s more.

Get the blood pumping, and stay flexible. Good things.

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