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To my children, who probably aren’t even reading this blog, or to other mothers’ children, or to our culture in general:

Mother’s Day approaches. Here is not what I want. I do not want $80 cologne. Or a $368 handbag. Or a $225 watch. Good grief.

What I want is to hear my children’s voices on Mother’s Day. For the cost of a few minutes of their phone plans they can make my day. That’s it. If they want to also send a card, that would also be sweet, but they don’t have to make it a Hallmark. They are all creative people. I’m not anti-gift. It’s just that the voice thing is at the way top of my list.

I don’t write this because they neglect me. I write it because I just paged through a flyer from Carson’s that came in my mail today, and oh my word. Who needs this stuff? Who buys it at these prices? Ridiculous.

Other moms, what’s the best Mother’s Day gift you ever received?


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