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What generation am I?

On Facebook just now I found a link to an article recommended by Marcus Buckingham, on Gen Y in the workplace. It’s called The Reflexive Generation and comes from The London Business School. I don’t know why, but this stuff about the cultures, thought processes, and motivations of different generations fascinates me. What I noticed in this article was that a lot of the description of Gen Y seems to fit me, and I am a Baby Boomer mom to a Gen Y-er and his two older siblings. Curious. Perhaps this mindset will serve me well.

What insights did this reported research yield about these young professionals? Here’s a taste of the high points.

  1. They have a strong need to manage their own work.
  2. They see work-life balance as extremely important and acknowledge that often technology is a “double-edged sword.”
  3. They want to have a challenging career and grow with the challenges.
  4. They are very aware that their careers will be very different from their parents’.

Right now, that work-life balance is calling me to sleep. G’night.


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