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Model for a day

I answered a call from one of my Facebook friends and signed up to model in a fashion show at our local mall today. This was my second modeling experience. The first was a staff luncheon where I worked at least four years ago featuring clothing from a thrift store. I enjoyed that, so decided this one with new clothes sounded fun, too.

Today’s theme was prom and spring. I was the oldest model, in years anyway, and my persona was to be The Mother of the Bride. When they sent me to Carson’s earlier in the week to pick out my outfit, they pointed out three styles most popularly chosen by brides’ mothers. My first impression: these were Grandmother-of-the-Bride dresses. I might be a grandmother, but I don’t dress like that. The one I chose was much simpler and, I felt, more elegant. Then they took me to choose shoes and jewelry, and voila:

Carol modeling a blue dress

Carol in a blue dress at the mall

My take-aways?

  1. It was fun to do all the girl things and get all dressed up, even just for an hour.
  2. I have fairly good style instincts.
  3. Those Anne Klein heels are surprisingly comfortable.
  4. There’s a used bookstore at the mall — who knew?
  5. It was true to my nature to do both: have this  modeling adventure and purchase a used book which I’ve already begun to read.




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Saturday morning

It’s Saturday, and here I sit in my jammies. I’ve had breakfast, I’ve had tea and I’m thinking about another cup. I’ve washed last night’s dishes, read the news online. I’ve checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts and done a crossword puzzle. Basically I’ve just been frittering the time away, and I only feel a hint of guilt.

When I was a kid, even on a Saturday mom would have made me get dressed by now. It was shameful to be found in your pajamas by anyone outside the family after about 9:00 a.m.  Since the paper boy came to collect in the morning, it was better not to loll around.

Here’s where this post goes totally retro and I run the danger of revealing my age, but oh well. Saturday mornings would usually find us on the living room floor watching TV. Now that I’ve raised my own children, I understand how freeing it was to Mom when something interested us more than going with her to the  A&P. She knew that if our attention was occupied, we could stay with Grandma, who lived with us, and it would be easier all around.

Here are some shows from my Saturday mornings past. I know they will seem unbelievably quaint.

“Here I come to save the day!” — That would be Mighty Mouse. Note that shameless product sponsorship is nothing new. At least here it was toothpaste and not Twinkies.

Heckle and Jeckle — not my favorite, but still there, so I watched. That’s what you did when there were only three channels and no recorded movies, yet TV was still a completely, captivatingly, new medium.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They saved the town from bad guys in 30 minutes every time.

American West heroes modernized: Sky King and his niece Penny to the rescue not on horseback but in a Cessna — or was it a Piper Cub? Obviously I don’t know my aircraft.  More shameless sponsorship: Nabisco

Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney with a live audience of kids. I’d almost forgotten about this one. Exclusively sponsored by Tootsie  Roll.

Enough of this. Gotta go back to being a grown-up, get dressed, and get to the bank before it closes.

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I’ve been having fun making things, a bit at a time.It awakens something in me.

Knitting up rectangles that get sewn into wrist warmers, a pair for myself (done!) and more for gifts, will use up some of my yarn odds and ends.

I’m also making paper beads from old magazine pages. Each one emerges with its own handcrafted look. When I get a stash of colors built up, we’ll see what they become.

Frugality and creativity do seem to bring out the best in one another.

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The color of fun

A client recently sent me a link to Michael Bungay Stanier’s Box of Crayons site, and I’m so glad. I just spent a good hour there, listening to interviews and watching videos. For starters, his Eight Irresistable Principles of Fun video speaks volumes to me and makes me smile, inside and out. So creatively done, too. Give it a look, and then maybe a comment.

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