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I just watched the movie Secretariat. It’s probably not the best movie ever made, artistically speaking, but I enjoyed it. At the end, when Secretariat was tearing up that Belmont track, pulling further and further away from the other horses, and the soundtrack was playing “O Happy Day,” I could not contain myself.  “Let him run his race,” Penny Tweedy’s father had told her before he died, and she did. Using the strong will God gave her, she found people who would also let him run his race, and by simply being the creature God created him to be, he ran it. It was his race, and more. I saw the glory of God.

Penny ran her race, too. Actually, at 88  she’s still running it. I loved the spirit portrayed in her, the never give up spirit, the know who you are and press on spirit.

I’m sure all this has been written previously, but tonight it’s mine. I needed to see it, to hear it, to clap hard, in time to “O Happy Day,” to the end of the race. I needed to hear in my head again the line from Chariots of Fire when Eric Liddell says, “God made me fast, and it gives him pleasure when I run.”

The song at the end of the movie says, “It’s not how fast, it’s not how far, it’s not who cheers, it’s who you are. In the darkest night you make your sun. Choose your race, and then you run.”

God, are you pleased with my race these days, these weeks? I hope so. Thank you for re-energizing my spirit this way. I want to be the person you made me to be, full out.


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Chris Gardner has inspired me today.

At lunch today I searched on YouTube for inspirational, motivational videos. Yes, I often eat at my desk at home. I live alone, I have no cable, dish, or antenna, and if I’m going to watch something it will be online. Don’t nag me, please. Anyway, one of the first videos that came up from this search was this clip from The Pursuit of Happyness.

Then I found a couple of videos of the real Chris Gardner speaking. He’s the man portrayed by Will Smith in the movie. He’s a pretty inspirational guy. He tells how his mother was the one who always told him he could be anyone he wanted to be. For nine years he wanted to be Miles Davis. He studied music and practiced. Then his mom took him aside and pointed out that God only made one Miles Davis and Miles Davis already had that job. So, go and get your own dreams.

God only made one me, and that is my job, in His service. I could talk big here and tell you I’m living full out, going after my dreams, the ones God placed in my gut. That’s not quite an accurate  picture, though, even if  it is much more true than it used to be. My life is still a work in progress, always will be. I’m thankful for inspiration like this.

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