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Where I work we have a women’s empowerment training program called Soup of Success. Part of the funding comes from grants, and the other day one granting organization sent a team of interviewers to gather stories of success from graduates of the program. I was privileged to sit in on two of those interviews. They were powerful and uplifting and spiritual. I handle a lot of the communications for our agency, so I was hoping for some good quotes we could use. I heard that and then some.

One woman whom I’ll call Angelica now leads a class for women in prison called Beauty for Ashes. One of the things she tells them is that “It’s only midnight for one hour.” Persevere, and on the other side of the darkest hour we start moving toward the next day and sunrise. I can only imagine what it means to be in prison and have a gritty woman come alongside you with that reminder.

That night turned sad for me. Sad and tired. My life looked impossible, against me, overwhelming. I finally just went to bed, hoping to see daylight in the morning. And you know what? It came. In fact, it’s now two days later and thanks well up in me for the sunlight coming in my window, for a friend to call and compare our weeks, and for God who cares deeply enough about me to remind me that he loves me through the midnights and will bring back the light.

Oh, and for the resale shop where I found a bigger crossbody bag today. Leather even, and with today’s sale of 30% off, only $16. black leather crossbody bag


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I have been in both kinds of crowds, and it always comes down to superiority and conflict. Conservative or liberal? Evangelical or social justice?  God’s on our side. No, God is on our side.

Here’s what I long for.

I long for a community where people on both sides extend grace to people on the other side–Actually, why do there have to be sides? A place where no one assumes that they know everything, that they know best. A place where no one assumes that either liberal or conservative is synonymous with Biblical. A group of people who in fact realize that God sees the whole picture and we cannot, that God loves and leads and judges perfectly and we do not, that God is perfectly wise and we are not.

I long to be able to simply listen to each other, listen beyond the words even, until we hear each other’s hearts, and in the midst of us, God’s heart. There will be ugliness and there will be beauty, but above all there will be vulnerability. And then, if we stick with it, there will be transformation and awe. Are we brave enough for that? Am I? Can we offer each other a safe enough place for that?

I’m not so good at it myself. But please, lets try.

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