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I live in an apartment community. They call it a community, but we do not know our neighbors. I take responsibility for not introducing myself beyond saying hello in the parking lot. I am not a party giver, but if I were I would plan a block party.

The squirrels own this community. They hang out at the dumpsters. They are champion dumpster divers. Last fall a partially eaten apple dropped  nearly on my head as I walked underneath a tree, followed by the skritching of squirrels high-tailing it away from me.  A gang of rowdy teenage squirrels playing pranks on their neighbors — they need jobs.

I’ve been tempted to try dumpster diving myself. Actually, one day I did help a neighbor carry home a table we found in a dumpster. It’s shameful, even obscene, the things and the sheer quantity of stuff we throw away in our country. We keep buying more and throwing away more. I want to rescue some of that stuff and not support the engine that says increasing consumption is necessary for economic health.

The contents of dumpsters are a resource, or could be. Some people use this resource all the time. My friend, Luke, is an experienced diver. If he were here, I might ask him to teach me.

In a true community, resources would be shared instead of thrown away.

Relationships are the most fundamental resources. How can we share ourselves and treat relationships as valuable instead of disposable? Even in an apartment complex where at least part of the residents, maybe a majority, are transient? When the lease is up, they move. I probably will too.

The rising cost of housing militates against a stable community.

We have to work even harder to create and grow one.



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