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On resolutions: I woke up this morning thinking about, first, my work office organization and procedures, and second, how badly I need to exercise. I guess that puts me right there with all the people who resolve on New Years Day to get better organized and get in shape, except I don’t make resolutions because I don’t keep them. Still, clearly I need to work at this. Still. Always, it seems. If I don’t, I am robbing myself of energy, strength, flexibility, and even joy both physically and mentally. (Tips on keeping resolutions: from CNN and Wall Street Journal.)

On this Golden Day: Then it dawned on me that this is 1/11/11. What does this portend? I’m not superstitious, but this is the only day of my life– of most people’s lives — with ones lined up like that. Pretty cool.

On lies emphasized on New Years Eve: Beautiful people, drinking beautiful drinks, kissing other beautiful people at the stroke of midnight. Lovely picture. Sells expensive liquor, expensive dresses, expensive nights out on the town. But it’s not most people’s real life. These images perpetuate two fallacies, both of which cause enormous pain.

  • Alcohol is essential for romance. Yes, a little alcohol can add to the festive spirit, although it’s not necessary. Beyond that, alcohol adds to self-absorption and thus isolates; deadens the senses; and leads to, shall we say, inability to function. (Why do you think college guys who swill it down also pop the little blue pills?)
  • Romantic happiness means finding the perfect, beautiful, “hot”  partner. I guarantee you, there are both women and men out there who may not be physically gorgeous or studly or meet Hollywood’s or ad agencies’ standards for “hot,” but who have breathtakingly beautiful hearts and minds, with smoldering embers inside them, throwing off sparks, just waiting to be fanned into flames by love given and returned. Their loneliness weighs especially heavily on them when couples all around them are kissing in the new year. And you know what? Love shows through as outer beauty, too. As designer Yves St. Laurent said, “The most beautiful makeup on a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

Happy New Year, y’all. God bless us every one. I’m off to either, um, exercise or tackle some clutter.


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